These VOIP operators (much more) has own web pages, but it is only one company. Difereces are in details. Look their web pages. .

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3 variants for send money:

  • Cash at the branch of Ceska sporitelna (czech bank).
    After paymet at the branch fill electronic FORM (field "account and bank number" leave blank). Important field is "branch code". Click here for preview. Pokladní doklad
  • Bank transaction:
    After payment by bank transfer, fill electronic FORM (field "branch code" leave blank)

    FORM - fill and send ...

  • Cash - For deliver cash in Brno - call me

    Koupit kredit 5 euro:


    Need to buy credit for:

    VoipBuster/ VoipDiscount/ VoipStunt/ VoipCheap/
    SipDiscount/ InternetCalls/ FreeCall/
    LowRateWoip/ PoivY a další?

    Minimum credit - 5 euro
    5 euro credit you can buy for 200,- Kč.
    every other 1 euro 40,- Kč
    for example:
    you need 15 euro, send 600 Kč

    Send money to account:
    Česká spořitelna account number: 1046632083/0800

  • As a variable symbol fill your mobile phone number (for potential contact).
  • (while payment at the branch fill nothing, you will save 45 Kč. Payment will be identified according to branch code (look FORM))

  • After payment click here and fill electronic FORM

    You can TopUp more accounts at once.
    You, wife, son, friend and neighbour wants buy credit€10. Send 5x400 = 2000,-Kc to account above and to field "LoginName" of FORM fill login names + amount you want to topup individual accounts: "pnovak - 400, novaksyn - 400, hnovakova - 400, pepe1225 - 400, sousedxxx - 400".

    You can send me money over MoneyBookers - my MoneyBookers account is for credit €5 send €7.

    For deliver cash in Brno - call me
    E-MAIL -
    kotoucx at VoipBuster
    Tel: 602 790 332
    Tel2: 533 312 212 (20:00-22:00)