Windows 10 (asi i 8 a 7)-po restartu zmizely fonty (kromě 3)
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http://superuser.com/questions/695635/w ... er-restart
Some days ago I rebooted my windows 8.1 system. After the reboot all my system texts were very cryptic - showing only some strange symbols. After some investigation I discovered that my c:\windows\fonts folder was nearly empty. So I copied the font files from another windows 8.1 installation to the nearly empty folder. As soon as I had copied the files the system texts were readable again.

But after another reboot the problem occured again - the systems font folder was empty again. Does anyone know why windows deletes my font files during a restart

For the case where Windows destroyed its own font data, you could :

Get the contents of C:\Windows\Fonts from another PC
Copy these fonts into a temporary folder
Use regedit to delete (after saving) the contents of
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
Copy the fonts into C:\Windows\Fonts
Re-install the fonts by opening Control Panel / Fonts
From the File menu select 'Install New Fonts...' and add the fonts from the temporary folder.

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